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What are mobiles?
Pieces of art designed and manually calibrated. They are considered kinetic sculptures that serve as decorative items for spaces.
Where can they be placed?
They are ideal for indoors and outdoors. There should be a soft breeze to move the different components of the mobile butavoid strong drafts that could damage the mobiles.
Leon Leroy mobiles are mostly made out of acrylic.
Damage / Breakage Mobile
If any of our mobiles are damaged, contact us here for replacements.
Cleaning and maintenance
Acrylic pieces should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Avoid solvents that may damage or stain acrylic.
Special Designs
Besides the products on display in our virtual catalogue on this web site, we can make special designs that adapt to any kind of space.

We can make special designs modifying the measurements of the mobiles as needed for your space.

We can change the color of the mobiles according to your taste.

Replacement LED light and candles for mobile Night online
LED luminaires or natural candles are standard and can be achieved easily spare parts in shops or online stores.
LED light and candle replacement for the nighttime line of mobiles
LED or natural candle lighting is standard and replacements are easily found at stores or in virtual stores.
Delivery time

Once the order has been received, each mobile will be assembled and calibrated manually.The mobile will be shipped within 5 to 10 business days after effectively receiving payment.

Delivery time varies according to the country where it will be sent as well as the kind of shipping selected.

Countries we ship to
We currently ship our products to Mexico, the United States and Europe.
What kind of payment is accepted?
Credit cards through the PayPal platform